Winter & Autumn Property Tips

Winter & Autumn Property Tips

With summer behind us problems and issues can arise around a home, and of course, many issues can pop up that weren’t there before.

This is why it is important to look after your home in autumn and winter.
There is often an adversarial stance between landlords and tenants but a home in good condition benefits everyone, so here are some autumn and winter property care tips that tenants and landlords should follow.  

Make sure the heating works
It’s highly likely that you’ve not had the heating on for a good few months and, although you might be holding onto the hope that winter’s not yet underway, you’ll soon be turning the knob. But, if you wait until it gets really cold before switching the heating on, there’s a chance that you’ll get a nasty surprise when you do and it doesn’t work.

Clear the gutters
Blocked gutters can cause pipes to overflow, leading to damp your property. During the autumn months, blocked gutters are a common problem, as leaves falling from the trees can clog them up.

Check the roof
While you’re sorting your gutters, take the time to check the roof. If you have any loose tiles, it’s a good idea to repair them now, before a nasty storm or particularly strong winds make the problem much bigger and more expensive to sort out.

Get the chimney swept 
A cosy open fire is one of the best things about the winter, but don’t throw any logs onto yours until you’ve had the chimney swept!

Get the right insurance
Suffering loss or damage to your property at any time is particularly overwhelming if you find that you didn’t have the right cover to begin with.