Changing to Phil McMahon

Are you aware that you can change agents for the management of your investment property without affecting the tenancy? Even if the property is tenanted on a current lease?

At Phil McMahon Real Estate we are happy to have a look at your current investment portfolio and provide professional advice even if we are not the managing agent.

Talk to our experienced staff to receive obligation free real estate advice. You may also want to hear about what we can offer you that you are not already receiving.  You may be pleasantly surprised!

If you’re thinking about switching property managers, the team at Phil McMahon Real Estate will handle the entire process free of charge (excepting fees in your existing contract). Everything from organising paperwork and contacting tenants to picking up the keys, notifying new tenants and organising inspections can be done simply, professionally and efficiently.

For further information please contact our Business Development Manager, Ryan Ranger on (08) 8295 5823 or 0411 225 970 and experience the difference.